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What’s happening at Ceptiv?

Update12. March 2019
Yes, we are well aware that it's been a long time since we last wrote a blog post or just gave a little sign of life, but rest assured, we haven't come to a standstill, quite the opposite! We have plenty to do with many exciting projects in the pipeline. In this post, we will briefly present what we are currently working on.

A few months ago, we were contacted by two energetic guys from Vejle who really wanted to take the plunge into entrepreneurship with their excellent idea. A short conversation turned into a meeting, and a meeting turned into several.

The guys came to our office at Dalgas Avenue 40, where they presented their idea and discussed their needs, requirements, and desires for their upcoming IT product. From the start, we could feel that these guys meant business and were truly passionate about turning their idea into reality, and that’s where Ceptiv comes into play.

With their high expectations for a kick-ass product VOL-1, the choice of a partner ultimately fell on Ceptiv. We were tasked with handling everything from graphic identity/web design to programming the entire system.

What is your idea, you might ask!
Unfortunately, we can't reveal too much yet, but we can safely say that it will be living on a Webapp and will have something to do with recruitment with an innovative twist. Oh, and we can also promise you that it will be super cool and hopefully so cool that competitors are falling off their chairs 😉
You'll have to wait a little longer before we can roll back the heavy blackout curtains and reveal exactly what we're working on.

To something that is not so secretive, but something we are just as proud to present is that we have entered into a collaboration agreement with the Bears from Aarhus. We’re talking about none other than Bakken Bears, which is also Denmark’s leading basketball team. This means that we also become part of the city’s strongest business network, which we are really excited to take advantage of.

What do you help Bakken Bears with?
We help Bakken Bears with, among other things, graphic material for newspaper advertisements, banners, graphic layout for events, and much more.
If you haven't already seen the Bears from Aarhus, do yourself a favor. It's guaranteed that you'll get world-class entertainment at the games in Vejlby Risskov Hall.

That was a little update from Ceptiv

Bye for now!