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CMA Armatur

Web development helps company share sustainability information faster

About the customer

CMA Armatur A/S helps installers with improved comfort to ensure optimal water economy since 1993.

About the task

We had yet another successful case with CMA and their family-owned business. We had a meeting with Mads and Kristine, who knew us as we had already built up their website from scratch years ago. CMA wanted it to easier to find and share CMA product sustainability information with customers. They required major changes to their website from redesigning the navigation bar, new menu items, new drop-down items, coding in additional product detail tabs, adding/editing/moving product information, etc. This resulted in a successful result and changes made to CMA's website in time for Christmas, which Mads was happy with. It was completed in one month and 15 hours of developer work.

"Ceptiv is reliable, professional and always ready to take the phone. Liam and the Ceptiv team provided us with quick fixes to our website in a short period. Ceptiv was able to rearrange the navigation on our site, code in changes we couldn't have done and add plenty of other valuable items to our site at a great price. We won't know what to do if we don't have Ceptiv in the future!"

Mads Isager CMA Armatur A/S